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Animal Friends Sanctuary

Candy started her foundation in 2006, Animal Friends of Westmoreland and expanded the mission, vision and impact of that organization in 2016 by creating Animal Friends Sanctuary. Rescuing animals, healing children, teaching kindness and compassion for all.


Hey there beautiful!

I am so glad you found me! Are you looking to live life at another level? Are you tired of playing small? Do you feel like there has to be something else out there for you? Do you have a restlessness voice deep inside your soul?

Maybe it’s your job or your business, your health or physical body, or perhaps it’s a relationship or spiritual connection that’s lacking. Maybe it’s a little of everything. I’ve been there.

I’ve said yes to things that haven’t served me and I’ve stuffed that inner voice of my purpose deep inside.  I’ve made epic mistakes, trusted the wrong people, listened to criticism and second guessed who I am.  At times, I thought it would be easier to give up and walk away because it was just too hard.

I’ve also yes to things that have served my highest calling. I've developed some amazing relationships, grew organizations, built businesses, helped many people achieve their dreams and learned so much along the way. I've learned that loving yourself is essential to loving others, that being resourceful is our greatest resource and that all of those past failures are getting us to exactly where we need to be.

It’s work to identify fears, unblock limiting beliefs and free your mind of the lies of not being enough.  The process seems so scary in that some people will never get started. If you landed on this page, you are wanting more. It is time to remove the blocks, eliminate the self-doubt and move towards taking action. It’s time to give your best self to the world. 

There is only one YOU and the world is waiting for you!  I invite you to drop the chains of fear and step into the possibility that life is NOT happening to us, it’s happening FOR us.  If you aren’t quite sure where to begin, it’s ok! You’ve come by for a reason.


There is only one YOU and the world is waiting for you! I invite you to drop the chains of fear and step into the possibility that life is NOT happening to us, it’s happening FOR us. If you aren’t quite sure where to begin, it’s OK! You’ve come by for a reason.

Let me share a bit of my story…

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. The closest major city was over an hour a way, which seemed like the other side of the world! I was the only child born to two very young parents.  My mom, 16, and my dad 19 when they found out they were about to have a baby.

My dad worked so hard to provide for us.  He started a small auto repair shop when I was 5, attempting to create a better life than he had. My mom split her time cleaning houses and helping in the office at the garage.

I attended a tiny, religious school from 1st – 12th grade. It was far from a traditional school environment and lacked any sense of normalcy.  Even though there was no evidence inside my narrow reality, I knew that there was a big beautiful world out there. My soul longed for something different.  I was always searching for something bigger… and when I was 15 years old, I found it.

The message came via an infomercial around 3am.  A man much larger than life, was sitting by a pristine pool outside of a the most beautiful house I had ever seen. He was talking about how you can create the life of your dreams and you can do ANYTHING you want!

Until that moment, I had never heard of such a concept. I needed to buy those cassette tapes! (do you know what those are?)  I took a credit card application from a department store the next day.  Everyone was shocked (including me) that two weeks later, I received the card! I called that Tony Robbins guy and ordered his tapes.

I sat in my room and listened to them one by one.  At 15, I wrote my first set of goals. At 19, I started by first business. At 23, I was making a 6 figure income. At 25, I was buying up real estate and at 26, I started a non-profit organization which has become my life’s mission. To end cruelty for all living beings, to teach others how to elevate all aspects of their lives, and to encourage the world to live a kinder, more compassionate life.

A small town girl with two teenage parents, exposed to poverty and endured abuse. No resources, no education and at times feeling like there was no hope. I could have played small and allowed history to repeat itself; no one would have thought twice. 

I am and will be forever grateful for the day I heard these words, "We are not defined by our circumstances".  My friends, WE are able to choose whether what has happened to us will hold us back or propel us forward. It’s always our choice, and we have to power to choose!

Choose life. Spread love. Be courageous. Become the best YOU. The world is waiting! Let's do this! There is no time better than right now!

Animal Friends Sanctuary


Rescuing animals, healing children, teaching kindness and encouraging compassion for all.
Join us and be a voice.






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